OpenPlant Fund


The OpenPlant Fund will support innovative, open and interdisciplinary projects relevant to plant Synthetic Biology over 2015-19. Around 20 six-month projects per year will receive £4k each, with an  additional £1k awarded on completion for follow-on and outreach. We are now accepting applications with a submission deadline of 1 December 2016.

The aim of the fund is to promote the development of plant Synthetic Biology as an interdisciplinary field and to facilitate exchange between The University of Cambridge, the John Innes Centre, the Earlham Institute and The Sainsbury Laboratory for the development of open technologies and responsible innovation in the context of Synthetic Biology.

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The deadline for the next round of funding is 1 December 2016.

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2015 Projects

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  • Channeling targeted DNA double strand breaks into alternative repair pathways
  • Engineering Marchantia polymorpha chloroplasts for the production of high-value specialized terpenes
  • Open Pi-Image: A low cost-open source plant growth imaging and analysis platform
  • Open Labware for plant electrophysiology
  • Documentation Tool for Open Plant Technologies
  • Whiskeroscope: rodent whisker inspired sensor for use in analysis of plant tissue structure.
  • The use of synthetic biology tools to define the roles of LysM receptor-like kinases in legumes and cereals
  • Developing novel selection markers for plant transformation to advance live-imaging techniques
  • Quick analytical system for plastid genome modifications
  • Wireless, portable, low cost, open source hardware for monitoring plant electrophysiology
  • Strengthening synthetic biology capacity in Kenya through bioinformatics training
  • Setting up an open synthetic biology lab in Abuja, Nigeria
  • The Big Algal open Experiment
  • Facilitating synthetic biology literature mining and searching for the plant community
  • Responsible innovation and open innovation with large bioresources: goals, challenges and proposals
  • Development of new codon optimization tools and development of a synthetic gene expression system in the green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii



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